The Small Joys Tag

Hi all

Welcome back to my blog😊

Today I will be doing Small Joys Tag


Thank you so much Akriti for tagging me


1 Thank the person who tagged you

2 List fifteen of your small joy

3 Nominate at least five bloggers

So lets start with my small joys

1 Traveling

2 Outing with family or friends

3 Responding to all the comments

4 Writing a blog post

5 Reading a blog post

6 Writing a poem

7 Playing sports

8 Talking with family or friends

9 Playing with dogs

10 Listening to songs

11 Doodling

12 Reading something

13 Winning an award for something

14 Doing Maths

15 Sleeping


I really cannot think of anyone right now so that is why I nominate the first 7 people to comment on this post

So thats it for today

Take care


Was there something similar between you and me

Do let me know in the comments

I would love to hear that