🎄Blogmas#9: A Perfect Christmas Morning!

Today, I’ll be sharing A Perfect Christmas Morning! This is gonna be a lot of fun and I’m very excited to share this post!

Note: These days I’m finding my blog in an unorganized manner by me, and hence I’ll be posting in a schedule and as it’s Blogmas on my blog till 31st December, I’ll be posting everyday and the time I have chosen to post is 4:30pm IST (though this post will not be according to the time I’ve mentioned, but the posts from tomorrow will be on time📩)

Let’s begin with the post now! ( I’ll be starting the morning from the night of 24th)

You just finish decorating your room for Christmas and it’s looking gorgeous! It’s 7pm when you finish decorating your room. Your family plans an outing to the Mall to see a day before Christmas decorations, you visit the mall, the decoration from entry gate was looking extremely beautiful! You enter the mall and it’s all golden, red and green lights everywhere! The mall is shining and looking perfect for a day before Christmas! You see a beautiful dress for you for Christmas and you immediately buy it! You’re extremely happy! Your family plan a dinner in the Mall’s food-court, you are going to food-court and you have a tasty dinner with family with a desert! You return to your home after that and make Christmas cards for everyone and plan the gifts for everyone in your room, it’s 11:00pm and you’re off to bed.

Merry Christmas!! It’s 6am, your alarm rings…. you wake up from the cozy blanket and fold your blanket and arrange your bed, you freshen up and take a bath with warm shower. You wear your most favorite dress which you chose for Christmas or you bought a new one on the night of 24th December specially for Christmas, you’re looking perfect for Christmas! You read your bible verses and remembers Jesus. You open your room door and see a present at entry of room! It’s from your mom and dad!! You gets super excited and thankful! You open it and it’s your favorite gift which you wanted! You take out the gifts and cards for your family and give them! Your family and you and really happy with the gifts and occasion of Christmas! You have an amazing family breakfast planned for Christmas. You plan a meetup with your friends on a video call and you have a good 1-2 hours talk with them and doesn’t realize when time passes. It’s 12pm at the moment and you write a blog post for your blog while listening to the Christmas songs. You reply to comments and read others Christmas posts and wish your blogging friends. It’s a day going perfect for you! You make a Christmas card for your blog and publish it. After you complete all your blogging part of day, it strikes 3pm already and you go to lunch with your family and have a amazing lunch! You come back to your room and see snow from your window and gets excited seeing the awesome and Christmasy weather! You dress up with jacket and winter boots and go out for a walk in the cold day and carry your hot coffee in a bottle and sits on a bench and drink it. You enjoy the coziness! (while writing this part my sister made hot coffee for everyone and she just gave me! Thanks sister!!) While enjoying your coffee, you see a cute puppy shivering behind a big rock, you feels so bad for the puppy and you take him in your lap and adopt him, you buy puppy clothes for him and the best part, your parents agrees for adopting the cutie! You are so happy and you make him wear the tiny little puppy clothes, you and your puppy hides under blanket and have loads of fun! it’s evening now, you starts a cute photo session for your pup! you share his pics with your blogging friends and relative and writes- happy days!

Okay! So this it people! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I know I left it incomplete cause I wanted to create a suspense and continued in the next part! I hope you liked A Perfect Christmas Day!

I’ll take a leave now and Have a great day ahead!

Did you enjoy reading A Perfect Christmas Day? Do you want Part 2 of this? Do you like dogs? I love dogs a lot and I want since I was 4 and my parents never agrees! What about you? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#8: Christmas Cheers By Eesh | My Christmas NewsLetter!

Friends, I’ll be sharing my Christmas newsletter today! I have named my newsletteras Christmas Cheers By Eesh! But before starting I’d like to thank Miriam and Diamond for inspiring me to do this post! You can find Miriam’s Christmas Newsletter here and Diamond’s Christmas Newsletter here. They both are great bloggers! I recommend you to follow them both and read their newsletter post!

And here comes My Christmas Newsletter, which I have named Christmas Cheers By Eesh!

I hope you all like Christmas Cheers By Eesh! Your feedback in comments would be appreciated!

Also everybody, My blog is open for collaboration and guest posts and it can be in categories like-Christmas, Winters, Festive Spirits and Lifestyle. The deadline is December 10th, Please let me know if you’re interested, I’ll be soo happy to have you over my blog!

Now, I’ll be taking a leave and sorry for the short post.

Did you like Christmas Cheers By Eesh? Will you be creating your own Christmas Newsletter? Are you excited for Christmas? Let’s chat in the comments!


🎄Blogmas#6: BABF Virtual Christmas Cards Swap

This is a really fun post! I’ll be sharing my Virtual Christmas Card for Diamond’s blog, which is Build A Bear Furever! She is doing a Virtual Christmas Cards Swap and that’s gonna be really fun because she is taking Christmas Cards from bloggers who are joining and adding them to her post! How fun is that? I’m definitely joining that and sharing my Christmas Card! You can also join! Check out her post here, She has mentioned all the rules in her post and I recommend you all give her blog a follow because she have a lot of interesting stuff to post and she is participating in Blogmas too! Do give her a follow and join the fun!

I’ll be sharing my card-

Here is my card! I hope you all like it!

Again, please give a visit to Build A Bear Furever! And you can also participate in Virtual Christmas Card Swap! Read the instructions here!

So that was it for this post, I just wanted to share my Christmas Card and I hope you liked it!

Now I’m signing off this post! Bye everyone! Have a fabulous day ahead!

How was my Christmas Card? Will you be participating in Christmas Card Swap? How’s your day going on? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#5: My Christmas Decorating Plans

So today, I’ll be sharing My Christmas Decorating Plans! I’m really excited to share my plans and I hope you’re too for hearing them out!

Let’s begin with this interesting idea!

Every year for Christmas, I have a fake Christmas tree and the tree I have is like old just like I am, or quiet near to my age as I remember it was bought around 10-11 years ago! I’m 12 right now.., So you can guess how similar that is to my age. It’s really fun to decorate it every year!

I love to buy ornaments every year and mix them with my old ones and make a unique decoration🌈! I love to decorate it with ornaments, wreaths and lights! Last year I had put golden lights on it and it was looking really beautiful! I hope I make it even beautiful this year and share a pic. Last year I was not able to share the pic due to some reasons but this year I will surely do! I’m eagerly waiting for 25th December! I have a lot of plans for Christmas and New Year this year. It’s gonna be really fun and I’ll share the pics!

This year I’ll not only decorate my Christmas tree but my room too! (it’s a good chance to clean my room too! My mom would be proud of me after this😂👩‍👦) I couldn’t decorate my room last year because of exams in between and a lot of study stress and Projects! But I hope this year I can!

I have a gift I want from my parents for Christmas and I hope I can! So basically I want a LED lights fidget spinner, it’s there with different patterns and it’s really cool! It’s available on Amazon.

this is the one. Image from Amazon

Look how cool is that? (atleast for me😂🌈) It’s basically from removing stress and I really need it.

Also everybody, My blog is open for collaboration and guest posts and it can be in categories like-Christmas, Winters, Festive Spirits and Lifestyle. The deadline is December 10th, Please let me know if you’re interested, I’ll be soo happy to have you over my blog!

Now I guess I’m done with this postttt? And yes I’m done, sorry for the short post or medium post (is medium post even something😂😂)

Okay so guys, Now I’m signing off this post and I hope you have a good day ahead!

What are your plans for Christmas this year? How do you think your Christmas tree will be like? Are you interested in doing a collab with me or doing a guest post on my blog? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas #4: My Winter Routine

Today I’ll be sharing My Winter Routine! It’ll be a lot of fun! I’m very excited to share my routine today!

Let’s begin!

6:00am.- In Winter time, it’s definitely harder to get early in the morning but still, I need to get up at 6:00 am. My online classes start from 9:00am, but still I get up at 6:00 in the morning because first I freshen up(brushing my teeth, taking a bath.) then I start exercising and doing cycling, then I start completing any of my homework or project which is incomplete and then I check my mail and my WordPress and read all the amazing posts from you all!, Then I have my breakfast and as I have taken a bath, I wear my uniform of school, yes yes yes we need to wear uniform in online classes too!😂 then start with my classes at 9:00 and even if I get free before 9:00, I listen to music. And very soon my alarm rings and I join the class and I have classes till 2:00pm then.

Macbook Pro on White Table
Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

As soon my classes are over, I take 5 minutes break and just sit on my chair and do nothing, absolutely nothing. Then I open my Google Chat/Google Hangouts and talk with my friends, then I open my WordPress reader and read post from other bloggers, which got published when I was in classes. Then till 2:30 I do these things and at 2:30pm I go downstairs and have my lunch till 2:45 pm.

Close-Up Photography of Bulb on Water
Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

After doing my lunch, I come back upstairs in my room and start doing homework and whenever I’ve any doubts, I ask my friends or call them and they do the same too! We are very helpful to each other! And if I don’t have any homework, I revise the chapters taught in school and read further chapters which are yet to be taught in school. I study till 4:00pm.

Man Sitting Under A Tree Reading A Book during Night Time
Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

As soon it strikes 4:00pm and I’m done with studies, I write a blog post and make graphics for it. It takes me an hour doing this as writing content and making Christmas themed graphics which includes- featured images, graphics for post. These are just two things but it takes a lot of hardwork and time, but anything for my blog:)

Modern workplace with gadgets in cozy room with soft light
Photo by Kelly L on Pexels.com

When it’s 5:00pm or 5:15pm, I start with my second study session and prepare for upcoming exams and terminals. Till 7:30pm I study and try my best to revise as much as I can.

Open Book and Fairy Lights on Wooden Surface
Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Pexels.com

I finish my second study session at 7:30pm and have tea/coffee and snacks and chill listening songs or watching YouTube. After that if I have any plans for outing with family, I go there or if not I have my break till 7:45pm

Burning bonfire with sparks in darkness
Photo by shutter_speed on Pexels.com

From 7:45pm till the time I sleep, I completely free so at 7:45pm I focus on my blog and try to write 2-3 posts and schedule them and at this time, in December, I really need to focus on blog as it’s Blogmas on my blog, and I really need to come with post ideas and get as creative as I can! I try reading a lot of blogmas posts and tips and tricks for Blogmas. Also if you want to learn tips and tricks for blogging, I highly recommend you to check out the blog- Living The Blogging Life which is a collaborative blog created by Maggie, and she invites a lot of bloggers to write tips, tricks for blogging! They are even having a LTBL Christmas, so do check out!, Till 8:30pm I’m busy with my blog.

Man Holding Mug in Front of Laptop
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

At 8:30pm I have dinner with my family and after dinner my family and I talk have a talking session and that’s really interesting and till 9:15 it’s over

White Ceramic Mug on Table
Photo by Anastasia Shauraeva on Pexels.com

Around 9:30pm my sister and I watch series on Netflix and have a good time and at 10:30 we get free.

Interior of room with furniture
Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

At 10:30pm- I organize my room for the next day and clean the mess I made in the day and it strikes 11:00pm till I finish it off, and I’m off to bed with my blanket😂❄ at 11:00pm

White Wooden Cabinet
Photo by Felipe Hueb on Pexels.com

This was my Winter Routine for a week day, I hope you enjoyed this post and did not get bored😂😐 If you’d like to see my routine for a day like Saturday or Sunday, do let me know and I’ll surely make a post on it

Also- I forgot to tell you that I’m back to my home now, where I originally live and I came here on 28th November and I’ll be again going next year to my aunt’s place somewhere around March. I forgot to tell you this as it just slipped away from my mind.

So now I’m signing off, bye everyone!

Did you like my Routine? Do you have a similar routine too? Would you like me to make routine for a day like Saturday or Sunday? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#3: How To Get In Christmas Spirits!

So today I’ll be sharing some ways of getting in Christmas spirits!!! Wohoooo!🥳 This sounds really fun to me and I hope you find this interesting too! But before that, special thanks to Heldi for inspiring me to do this post, check out her Blogmas ideas post, click here to check out. That’s a very helpful post for getting Blogmas post ideas, and this post idea is taking by one of her ideas! Do check out her amazing blog. Thank you so much Heldi for inspiring me:)!

So let’s begin and see some ways to get in Christmas spirits!

This is the first and the main way for Christmas Spirits!! I mean like it’s so much fun to decorate your room with lights, Christmas trees, wreaths!! Ahhh! It’s beautiful!! I’m sure you all like to decorate your home/room!

Yesssss! Watching Christmas movies something I love a lott!! Some movies you can watch this Christmas- A Muppet Christmas Carol, Home Alone etc… This will make your Christmas fun!

Oohhh woww! something about food!! Enjoying seasonal treats can be a personal way of getting to Christmas Spirits! You can bake- snow balls, sugar cookies, thumbprint cookies etc.. the options are endless! Not only this way help you getting in the Christmas Spirit but it’s even an gift and that too handmade! If you gift something handmade to someone it makes the connection more stronger and personal😀

Get crafty! Take out your art supplies and start making greeting for your closed ones! It’s a handmade gift too! It can’t be re-gifted! It can be kept safely by the receiver and a handmade gift makes it more personal to receiver.

I personally love this one! Every festive season, my family and I visit to mall and enjoy the decorations and the lights are just like woahh!! they are so beautiful! We specially plan for visiting mall in night to enjoy the lights! We even buy gifts for each other without telling the receiver and give them to each other on the day of Christmas! It’s really fun! I recommend you this way of getting into the festive spirit!

This is something making you closer with everyone! Celebrating Christmas and watching the beauty of Christmas is a really enjoyable thing! Making seasonal treats while celebrating is another way of sharing the happiness! At the last gifting each other gifts or handmade gifts is the part of you getting closer and making a strong connection with the receiver! Happy Holidays!

So everyone, here this posts end and these were the ways I could think for getting in the Festive Spirits! I hope you have a good time with holidays and make it fun with the festive spirit! Share you happiness with your loved ones and make handmade gifts and make a strong connection!

Now, I’m signing off and I end this post here. I hope you enjoyed the post and it was helpful!

Did this post help you? How’re you going to celebrate Christmas? Will you make handmade gifts or purchase them? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#2: Blogging Setup Essentials

Today I will be sharing some essentials of a blogging setup Sounds fun!? Let’s begin!

Laptop is a very important thing a blogger needs! I know most of bloggers use a laptop but if you’re using a phone writing your posts or making graphics for your blog, it can be tough at time. So a laptop is preferred! A computer or pc would even do!

You need a good range of internet to be on the track of writing a post or designing graphics but what if your internet suddenly goes down!? You would just loose the track and feel writing the post next day and it would delay. (for me if internet goes down, I make it for the next day, my next never comes😂😂)

If your laptop keyboard or touch pad stop working or gets very slow, it would take a lot of unnecessary time to write your post or any text, it may even get boring at time. Some keys of my laptop doesn’t work, so first I was using internal keyboard of laptop by opening new window and when I clicked anywhere on the screen it would just close and I had to open the window again and again, it was taking a lot of unnecessary time. My touch pad start hanging in between and it was really difficult to manage and I even had classes and it was difficult to manage. So I purchased a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Now, it’s really helpful to me and I’m in habit of using it! 😀

I use rough pad for noting down my ideas of my post and graphics, so I don’t forget at the end. You can even use a rough pad on your phone or laptop but you will need to do a lot of typing. I prefer a rough pad like a notebook and a pen. You can even make a separate notebook for blogging and decorate it every year, it would look beautiful!

A water bottle is needed in every task just like writing a post, doing online meetings and classes. I keep one just next to me, so I don’t need to get up again and again and get it from my bed side table😂

If you are someone who wear glasses, you should always wear them while watching screen like Laptops, Tablets, Phones etc… Writing a post can take longer too and if you stare at screen without glasses, your power of glasses can increase and you can have eye issues too and they may get serious too.

If you are someone like who listen to music while doing work and writing posts or just doing anything on laptop, you must have earphones or wireless earbuds or airpods etc.. Cause you might disturb your family when the volume of song is high. I use wireless earbuds and they very helpful!

Okay, so guys my tips end here but I have a GOLDEN TIP for you all! It’s a secret tip I planned for you all. It took me 30 mins for thinking that. So get ready for the GOLDEN TIP!!!
























yeah so it’s time now and enough spamming!

Okay Okay okay! This is my GOLDEN TIP, it may sound normal to you but I planned it with some motivation to you all… PASSION, not a big word, just 7 letters, right? No No No it’s indeed a very big word and I want to tell you this, for blogging you all need Passion! Passion is something all bloggers require for writing posts. You all have passion and you all will be successful! You need to trust your self and just go ahead! Sometimes life push you back you need to apply your self believe power and put your roller skates and move on! I hope you understand this and always believe in yourself!

So guys these were some blogging setup essentials and a special GOLDEN TIP! I hope you liked today’s post! If you want to see my blogging set up, do let me know in the comments!

So now, I take a leave and end this post here. Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead!

Do you have these blogging setup essentials? Did the post help you? Would you like to see my blogging setup? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#1: How To Get Rid Of Tiredness In Winters!❄

Hello there! Welcome to Bright Light Shine Blogmas!! Happy December to all of you!!! How’re you all doing? Today is my first Blogmas post! I’m very excited for it!

Hands up if you struggle to get up from your bed in Winters! (I know hands up option isn’t there so clap below if you struggle to get up from your bed in Winters)

The most toughest task in the world when it’s Winters is to get up from your bed (atleast it’s the toughest for me!)

If you’re currently struggling with Winters for the tiredness you’re having, I’ve put some tips for you to get out of it.

This tip will help you to get relaxed and active. Putting on music while doing work that makes you feel bore is really helpful! I put music while doing my projects, assignments and writing blog posts or doing anything on my blog.

Whenever you feel tired and being sleepy, walk out in daylight or open your curtains in day light, it would help to kill your tiredness.

Hehe! A tip for eating!! Peppermint candy or peppermint toffee is really helpful for you to get active! It’s easily available in the markets. A toffee would help too or a mint toffee is good for killing tiredness.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks really contribute a lot in keeping a person awake or alert! It’s actually the easiest thing to do when you have coffee packet to make😂 for being active.

Breathing fresh air and going out will really help you to be alert and stop feeling sleepy! Just take a walk in a park or anywhere out with fresh air and it would do a lot!

If you’re doing a task which is making you sleepy, just switch the task for sometime and do something fun and then leave it incomplete in between and go to the previous task so your brain is active enough to complete the task for completing the fun one. (Hope I didn’t mixed the lines😂😂) This one was from a personal experience.

So guys these were tips! This was my first post for blogmas and I hope you liked it. Also- My blog is open for collaborations and guest posts, so if you’re interested contact me from my contact page or if you would prefer to email me directly, here’s my email- eesh.s007@gmail.com Deadline- December 10th!

I hope my blogmas goes without any interruption and I don’t annoy you with my post for 30 more days😂

Also- now my blog is decorated for Christmas and Winters! I hope you like my designing and digital art for my blog! 🙂

I’ll take a leave now and I hope you liked the first post for Bright Light Shine Blogmas!

My Life Update✍🏻

Hey there! Welcome back to another post of Bright Light Shine! As you know I recently came back on the track of blogging, I’m starting regular blogging. It just came to my mind that I should post what is happening in my life currently and what all happened, and that’s why I’m posting LIFE UPDATE.

Also- Champs! I missed something veryyyy biggg!!!!! My one year blogiversaryy! It was on 16th September and my exams very going on, and that’s why! I forgot!!! I did a huge mistake everyone and I’m very very very sorry for that! *CRYING FROM INSIDE!*😪😪 But what can be done now!, I guess lets keep it aside now and start the post.

So, in blogging I was not really active as you all know. I’m not at my home right now as you all know I’m out of station at my aunt’s house. Here my sisters (aunt’s daughters, they both are twin of almost 5 years) kept me busy and the pet dog they have here, he is very cute! He is a Cocker Spaniel, his name is Star, he is Six months old, on October 2 he will be 7 months

Let me share some pics of him when he was 3 months old

Woah! these were a lot of pics of him being 3 months old!

Now I’m sharing 2-3 pics of him right now

star wearing my sisters old ear muffs😂
his today’s pic

Also on October 8 its my birthdayy!!! I’m turning 12!! 🎉😄😄🎊 I’m super excited for itt!!!

In school, it’s a lot of stress! When I came here my exams started then final exams went till 17 September, and then lots of assignments! Then, soon with Saturday and Sunday holiday only after exams, my second term of this school year started! and that’s why I was not even getting time for blogging and missed a grand even of my blogiversary! Like seriously! I missed it!! I’m very disappointed with it and apologizes to all my champs!

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddd! I have a lot to share here! Okay so first comes to my life and family- Yes! I do love my family here and my family at the place I originally lives, I love them all! And I’m enjoying a lot here and one thing I have learnt here is TIME MANAGEMENT, now we will ask how? how time management? Yes I will answer! Time management because I came here to my aunt’s house, ofcourse for enjoying but yes I have to do my classes and studies too, cause how can I leave them? So I learnt here how to enjoy+ study+live a organized life and many more. I came here on 4th July, Sunday, my flight landed early but it took us to reach home by I guess by 2:00 pm. I landed at 12:30 and then whole process + reaching home took 1 and a half hour. Now see, I reach home in afternoon and the next day (Monday) I need to wake again 8am and do my classes till 2 pm. At the first it was very difficult for me. But I cant miss my classes, I promised this to me when my this school year started. Then it all continued and I learnt time management and now I’m living a peaceful and clean life without any mess. I enjoy my life + Visit new places+ Meet everyone here+ Study for my exam/ Do my assignments+ Attend my classes sincerely And do the most I can! But the most important thing I do to myself is, I motivate my self to do everything, its just like my pill to be fine. (I hope this post is boring, cause I’m sharing the reality as I changed myself to a serious mood while writing this para, I’m sorry if you were bored.😪 But at the end, it’s the reality.)

Also my family from the I place I live sent me my pre birthday gift! They sent me my phone cover!! Which is customized Let me share a pic

Isn’t this superb?

I really loved this with my name! This dog is golden retriever but just looks like Star!

Here is a wonderful morning and evening view, which I really love! And I even clicked some aesthetic pics

My evening tea reflection on my paper! Looks so aesthetic!

I just love these snapshots!

I guess we have come to the end of this post. This post actually took me 2 weeks to complete, I know this was not any special post which actually took time that much, but actually I’m not getting time and I had to complete so finally I’ve completed this post. Also I’m very demotivated with my blog right now as I think I have lost my stats down! Like I have 137 followers at the moment. That’s actually a great achievement! but like I dont know how to express what I feel. I would just like to say, give as much support to my blog if you can.

I hope you liked today’s post ( I just hope, am not sure😪)

I just wanted to share the reality of my life today. I’m sorry if you found it boring. But just remember I always to share something positive and I love making someone’s day with positivity.

Remember- Stay Strong

You can do everything

You are the best

And we all are with you!

I hope these lines motivated you a bit.

I would take a leave now.

What did you like the most? Recently are you also able to judiciously manage your time? What’s happening in your life? Let’s chat in the comments!

One Direction Lyrics Collab!🎨 | Collab with Maggie!✨

Hey champs!! Welcome back to Bright Light Shine!!

Today, I’d be doing an awesome collab with Maggie @maggie’s doodles! Maggie is an awesome blogger! I personally love her posts! I’m sure you would too! Do give her a follow because you don’t wanna miss out!

So we both are doing ONE DIRECTION LYRICS COLLAB! In this, we have taken our top 4 favorite songs from 1D and have designed the lyrics!! ( I hope I explained well)

So I’d be showing Maggie’s designs here and my designs would be displayed on her post😉


🌸 1st 🌸

Wow! I really like the one! this shows Maggie has done a great job!👏

🌈 2nd 🌈

This is awesome! I really like the font! Awesome job Maggie!!✨

✨ 3rd ✨

Yess!! Woah! The colors are matching so nicely and this also shows the awesome designing by Maggie!

⭐ 4th ⭐

Wow! This is an awesome one! I love this one as well! Amazing job Maggie!👏

These were all! I really liked them all! Again I say, Do check out Maggie’s blog and give a follow! Her posts are superb! and designs as well!😉

You can check out my designs at her blog:) Here is Maggie’s post , Do check out her post to see my designs!

I hope you liked this collaboration with Maggie!

I’d see you in my next post!

Which was your fav design/s? How was the collaboration? Let’s chat in the comments!