It’s Been Long… | I’m Back!!

Hi there people!!! Wassup? Welcome or Welcome Back to Bright Light Shine once again!! I’m writing this post after being disappeared for 3 months!! I missed blogging a lot! I was caught up in work, “work” here refers to like my school assignments/ exams and personal life… Finally my offline schools started!!! Yayy!! I met a lot of my friends and I’ve had many get together with my bff’s too! My life have been busy and happy! My summer vacations started from 12th May!! But still holiday homework is too much!! Ahh…., Remember I went to my aunt’s place alone by flight last year in July and stayed there for 6 months? I had my aunt, uncle, their daughters (who are 5 year old twins rn) and their dog Star, my aunt and my sis visited me on May 29th and they left on 6th June:( It was for a week and it felt so short! I’m missing them a lot!! It was my mom’s birthday on 5th June and we celebrated with them and it was soo fun! I’m really attached to my aunt since I was little… I’m very open to her and I hope she visits me very soon again!

Anyways., Wassup people? How’s everything? I wasn’t active on WordPress since 3 months but I was in touch with many of my friends on hangouts so I didn’t feel alone:) I’d love to catch up with you all! This is a short post but I’ll see ya all very soon… maybe in a week? or in 3-4 days? but really soon with a cool post:) and its very hot where I live… it sometime goes to 45-50 degree Celsius.. Also, I’m still in the process of updating my blog design. Its half done but idk how is it, feel free to drop your honest review in comments!

Cya all!! I’ll take a leave now.. Have a great day ahead!!

How’s everything? What are you doing these days? Anything new hobbies? How’s my blog looking so far? Lets chat in the comments!

Onboarding the Blogmas Crew!

Hey there! Welcome Back to Bright Light Shine, a creative fun blog owned by me!

First of all- I’m sorry to all of you for the promise I made for the post on 22nd as my post was scheduled but my WordPress account had some problem and my post in drafts got vanished so it took all my scheduled post too and the post for 22nd was one of them! But I know my content and I will write again so don’t worry!

I have an announcement for you all!! I’m taking part in the big event Blogmas 2021 this year!! It’s gonna be very fun and I’m very excited for it! So basically if you don’t know what Blogmas is- It’s a Christmas themed event happening in blogosphere where bloggers have a choice to join in or not and they post regularly for 25 days starting from December 1st ( from December 1st till 25th December/ Christmas) or they post till 31st December the month end and a day before New Year!. It’s quiet tough too but I’m taking part first time and giving it a shot! I hope I don’t annoy my readers for 31 days😂😐 And I forgot to tell that I choose for 31 days.

I’m super excited for this event! But I’m bit stressed too but I’ll give it a shot!

So that was for the announcement post. I’m now signing out and making last minute preparation for the big day! And don’t forget to read my post tomorrow because December is starting tomorrow in-case you forgot😂!

Bye everyone! Have a great day and All the best to all the bloggers doing Blogmas this year!

I’m really sorry for this long break + Get ready for Awesome Posts

Hey there! Welcome to Bright Light Shine, This is gonna be quick as I need to go to complete my school work, So, I’m really really really sorry for the long break I took from blogging without informing you all. I’m just not getting time to get completed with my school work! It’s a lot with assignments , work, Tests, and Final Exams! Its a lot to do with. And therefore, I couldn’t get time for blogging but get ready for some awesome drafts to get published. I have planned awesome and inspiring posts for you all. One of them will be out on 22nd November! + I changed my whole blog to winter theme. Do check it out and to see the real beauty, I prefer to see with a laptop/computer. Till then, Take care and byee! I take a leave now.

P.S- Sorry for the short and quick post.

Inspirational Words + Definitions💪 ft.Maggie!

Hey there! Welcome to Bright Light Shine!! Hope you’re having a great day!

So its a very interesting post today!! Today Maggie from maggie’s doodles (a very nice, inspirational and a kind blogger! She is an amazing friend of mine and TRUST ME, I LOVE HER BLOG A LOT! HER DESIGNS, WRITING STYLE, POSTS!! ARE LIKEE, VERY AMAZING!, do follow her if you don’t wanna miss out!) So Maggie and I are doing a collaboration today!

We have chosen some inspirational words, and we will be writing there definitions, basically we are also designing that. I loved making the graphics and images! And yes! I forgot, All credits for the Idea goes to Maggie! She has great ideas!

Let’s start (I’ll be sharing my designs and Maggie will be sharing her designs on her blog.)

Sooo!! I made 5 designssss!!! I loved this collab!!! Great idea Maggie! Once again, I’m telling, do follow Maggie to see her awesome posts!✨

This was a very fun collab, We have done one collab on our blog previously also, check out Maggie’s post here and my post here

I hope you liked this collaboration with Maggie

UPDATE- Guys Maggie’s post is out! (click here to see her designs!)

Which was your favorite design/s? Did you like our collaboration? Let’s chat in the comments!

newww sign off!!!!


Hey guysss!! I’m finally backk!!! I’m very happy to write this posst!! Meeting u all once again! Actually what happened was –

I travelled to my aunts home alone by flight!, But here I didnt get time for blogging as my aunts twin daughters kept me busy playing, my studies and exams too kept me busy!! and my family in delhi, to whom I was talking regularly! but I didnt get time for blogging at all and hence it lead to a very long hiatus for which I’m very sorry!

How are you all!!!! whats up!

Do you want to listen to my story of traveling alone by flight!? Do let me know in comments! and guys lets talk in the comments I want to hear about you all!!!

Hiatus Extends | I’m soo sorry!

Hey everyone! Welcome back, I’m so happy to welcome you all again! I’m not really well, not in health but in managing everything right now, I’m out of station as well, so many assignments, exams and Homework!!

Its all messed up a bit and I want to announce that my hiatus is extending till next week, I hope I will be able to write,

I have an awesome post planned for you all but can’t complete right now.

I’m soo sorry

Stay well!

I’ll be Back on 2nd July | Short Hiatus

Hey everyone!! Welcome Back to Bright Light Shine!

This will be a very short post, but it’s important for my readers to know. So that’s why I’m writing this post

woah! those dividers are looking awesome!

So let me come to main topic- So champs, I’m going on 5 days hiatus, because I’m traveling somewhere by flight. I won’t say much about this as a post will be coming on July 2, so stay tuned! Yeah, so that’s what I had to say, I’ve to do packing and all as I’m traveling in just few days (won’t tell date rn😉) I’ll be soon be making a post! So stay tuned everyone!


annnd! I love that sign off!

Wait!? What!? I Reached 100 Followers!😲🥳🥺


I reached 100 followers!!!!!!!! Yaassssssssss!!!!!

This was my dream! It came true!!!!!! I’m like so thankful to you all!! Like, you guys are amazing! 🥳🥺

I’m like so happyy!!!!!!!

It’s truee!

I’m dancing with joy! I’m literally on cloud nine!

*tries to calm him down, but can’t!!!!*

Sorry for short post but tom, a blast would be coming (hope so🤞)

Thanks everyone! Thanks x infinite!

Now my dream is 200!

thanks all once again!

stay tuned for tom!

see ya!

We need YOUR help // Fundraiser

Guys! We all should help Rayna and support her! She is a very good friend of mine, I request you all to see the original post for more info! GO CHECK OUT! AND HELP RAYNA!
All the very best Rayna!

Ray is Writing

Hey people, elves, demigods, wizards, witches, and all. Hope you’re doin’ well 🌻

So… many, many children have been left devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some have lost one parent or both to the virus.
I thought I should do something for the children effected – especially children who are without many resources – and got guidance from my parents and from Mr Sudarshan Suchi, who is CEO of Save the Children, an organisation that is working for the welfare of children. 

So now I’m raising funds that are directly going to Save The Children, who will use the money to help some of those needy children. Anyone can donate however much they wish to, and those who donate over Rs. 5000 will receive a painting made by me (some pictures of them are on the fundraiser page)
 You can find the fundraiser link here.

It would be awesome if…

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The Poetry Delight Contest!

Hey guys!! My best classmate and blogger friend, Krisha is hosting a contest! Krisha is my best friend and my classmate, I highly recommend to enter for her contest!
See ya all in my post!!
Don’t forget to follow Krisha and participate in her contest!

Krisha's Twilight!⭐️

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back!!!

So today finally I am doing the contest! Some of you would know what I am talking about!

So I am initiating my first contest!!!! Yaay! I wanted to do this for a 100 followers and now I am on 130 so thankssssssssss!

Let’s get started-

As you know it is a Poem writing contest


There will be 2 prompts I will give the first one on Thursday and you will have to submit the poem by Sunday. Then I will post the second one on Monday and you will have to submit by Thursday

How will the scoring work-

I am sure that the poems will be super good and will be too hard for me to decide so you all will have to vote for the poem you love( i will create a poll of course!) ( I have given the…

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