It’s Been Long… | I’m Back!!

Hi there people!!! Wassup? Welcome or Welcome Back to Bright Light Shine once again!! I’m writing this post after being disappeared for 3 months!! I missed blogging a lot! I was caught up in work, “work” here refers to like my school assignments/ exams and personal life… Finally my offline schools started!!! Yayy!! I met a lot of my friends and I’ve had many get together with my bff’s too! My life have been busy and happy! My summer vacations started from 12th May!! But still holiday homework is too much!! Ahh…., Remember I went to my aunt’s place alone by flight last year in July and stayed there for 6 months? I had my aunt, uncle, their daughters (who are 5 year old twins rn) and their dog Star, my aunt and my sis visited me on May 29th and they left on 6th June:( It was for a week and it felt so short! I’m missing them a lot!! It was my mom’s birthday on 5th June and we celebrated with them and it was soo fun! I’m really attached to my aunt since I was little… I’m very open to her and I hope she visits me very soon again!

Anyways., Wassup people? How’s everything? I wasn’t active on WordPress since 3 months but I was in touch with many of my friends on hangouts so I didn’t feel alone:) I’d love to catch up with you all! This is a short post but I’ll see ya all very soon… maybe in a week? or in 3-4 days? but really soon with a cool post:) and its very hot where I live… it sometime goes to 45-50 degree Celsius.. Also, I’m still in the process of updating my blog design. Its half done but idk how is it, feel free to drop your honest review in comments!

Cya all!! I’ll take a leave now.. Have a great day ahead!!

How’s everything? What are you doing these days? Anything new hobbies? How’s my blog looking so far? Lets chat in the comments!

Tips To Rock n Top | Tips To Study Effectively | Ft.Evin

Yoooo! Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to Bright Light Shine once again! I’m back after 2-3 months, Life was busy with exams and so much more stuff which led to me going inactive on my blog. I had my finals in Feb and am done with them now, finally… I’m still not sure if I’d be active on my blog from now or from next month, it all depends on my assignments, school, and all. My schools will be opening offline in 2 weeks from now too, so yeah its all messed up…

I’m back and back with a collab! Evin@A Curly Sue’s Ramblings , she is a great blogger and a great friend! don’t forget to check out her blog! So we planned this collab in the first week of Jan and then I went on a hiatus. We planned to share some study tips for exams so we can help y’all out there! Let’s begin with this super awesome collaboration!

1- A organized and a clean study space

Being organized is a great way to increase concentration on your studies. I always prefer to study in sunlight and sit in-front of the window.

2- Notes help a lot!

Notes doesn’t always mean those fancy ones. For me, notes is something what you understand from the concept in your own words. For every subject I made atleast 2-3 mind maps or think map to remember everything in points.

3- Plan a schedule

I’m not a student who always make a time table and stuff, but since exams came round the corner, I started following a schedule and follow my time table as well. It helped me a lot to be organized and it took a lot of stress down too.

4- Pretend the deadline

This was the key! If my exam was on 15th Feb, I took it as 14th Feb so I don’t stress at last moment and wind it up a day before and just do sample papers and revision on the last day. This was the major key!

5- Cut out the distractions

Just switch off all the electronics, be it your phone, laptop, tablet or anything… Notifications will distract you and you won’t know how the time passes and you will miss studying… So close your devices unless you are referring from an online study material.

6- Revision to remember

Revise your concepts before going to the bed and try to remember whatever you revised. It will help you remember better and score good!

7- Calm down and don’t take stress

You need to calm down and stop taking stress… Stress would make you more nervous and give you negative thoughts… I was chilled, calmed and relaxed before my exam cause its just a exam, yes its important but you need to take care of your health too! So yeah, cool down.

So, this was all for this post. I wish you all the best for your exams and result! Take it easy but yes study is important as well as health. Manage your time wisely and don’t panic.

Thank you so much Evin for collaborating with me, if you guys haven’t checked Evin’s blog till now, then do it now! She is a great blogger and a great friend too! Check out her part of the collaboration here

Cya all soon. Have a great day ahead! I’ll take a leave now…

Are your exams over? Which exam do you have near? How are your exams going on? Let’s chat in the comments!

My Aspirations For 2022

Hello there! Welcome back to Bright Light Shine! I’m back with another post! I hope you’re having a good day so far!

It has been few days 2022 began. It’s amazing year going for me so far…. I hope you are also having an awesome year! I’ve planned to make some goals for this year and this what about the post is. I look forward to follow them.


Workout is going to be my main goal for this year. I’m into gymnastics since a long time, and that’s really helpful for me. I’ll be doing workout every morning like I do everyday. Staying fit is really important. Every task is possible for us if we are fit and our health is perfect.

Read More Than 25 Books

I was a person who just loved reading before and got awarded by my school as “Avid Reader” too! I don’t know how I love the habit of reading. I’m again into reading now. I’m reading KOTLC (Keeper Of The Lost Cities) these days! It’s really an amazing book to read! I want to read more than 25 books in 2022, I will keep my eye on the goal!

Rest To Be As My First Priority

I want rest and sleep as my first priority. Since many days, I’ve not been getting enough sleep because of my school stress. I’ll plan a schedule for everyday and take a good rest and complete my tasks.

Enjoy Life More

I want to enjoy every part of my life. This is my every year’s goal I have. I spent 2021 just doing my assignments and I could not enjoy my year properly, I mean I enjoyed but not as much I had to. I hope to enjoy this year and be enthusiastic

Panic Less

Okay, so sometimes (well every time) I panic on situations. Most of my friends say that I panic every time. I want to reduce panicking in 2022, and live a life where I manage everything accordingly.

Collaborate With Bloggers More

I want to collaborate with more bloggers and get more social. I’m sure I won’t regret making more friends:) It’s always fun for me to collaborate. Contact me on my contact page to contact me for collaborating with me or just talking about anything.

Get More Social

I sometimes just don’t want to meet new people or interact with them, tho I love getting social! I’m not giving my 100% in getting social, so I want to give my 100% in getting social and interacting more. I always try my best to get social.

Make It Time Bound

Everything has a deadline so you can push yourself to achieve/complete it. Setting a practical timeline for your goals can help you to prioritize your tasks. I don’t want to make everything on the last minute. I want to complete my tasks before hand but at least not on the last minute.

Prioritize Mental Health

Whatever the task is, mental health comes first. I don’t want to stress out for the tasks and making it as a impact on my mental health. I want to get enough sleep and give some rest to my mental health. I’m sure that would make a change✨

Always Try My Best and Never Quit

I’ll never stop trying and end quitting up, I’ll always give my level best! Quitting is just not my job, but achieving is. I always follow up on this in my school life- Learning is important not grades. I want to learn new things and try my level best, result is the thing for later.

These were my aspirations for 2022, I really hope to achieve them. I hope you all have a 2022 as a great year! Thank you so much for reading! I’ll be taking a leave now… Have an amazing day ahead!

What are your goals for 2022? Could you relate to my goals? What do you think about my aspirations? Let’s chat in the comments!

Flashback-2021 | This Year Ends… | 2022 Begins!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Bright Light Shine! I hope you’re having a great day so far.

This is hard to believe that it’s the first day of 2022. The year just passed in the blink of an eye. I’m still confused if this is dream that the year is ending…

It wasn’t a great year for me but not even worst year for me. I’ll be wrapping the year up in my post today.

This isn’t a great month for my blog because I just posted twice. I just realized that I was quiet immature with my blog and writing skills till very long. I went on a hiatus as my final exams were next month. I personally was quiet stressed as well with my exams.

Ah! My exams were starting from the first week of Feb and it was really tough for me to study each subject and give exams every alternative day. I posted thrice in this month. My personal life was stress free tho in the last week of Feb.

I don’t think I was mature enough at that time with my blog writing skills. The great thing was that it was my sister’s birthday on March 08 and my best in real life blogger friend’s birthday too! I even posted for that, click here to read it. The month got great because of birthdays I think but my blog was still not improved.

I’m happy to say I posted 16times in April! Yay! It was one of my blogger friend’s birthday in April, click here to read the re-blog. I created a blog, which was my designing service and I posted wallpapers there every Sunday but I couldn’t manage my blogs to be honest, so I left my blog inactive. I started a series for three days “Expectations Vs Reality” . The worst thing that took place was that my mom, dad and sister suffered through corona virus and it got worst by then and we needed to suffer, they all are fine now tho. My blogging friends organized a blogging challenge “We Dare You To Blog”

I guess it was the best month for me. I participated in the WDYTB and cleared all the round of dares. I completed 50 followers too! I guess there’s nothing wrong that took place in May, so the best for me…

I posted 9 times in the month of June. I posted the grand surprise for 50 followers. I won the WDYTB and achieved the tittle of “Most Daring Blogger” which I was really proud of! I posted for Bloggers Day. I reached 100 followers in June! I took a hiatus too as I was traveling.

This was THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! I traveled alone by a flight to my aunt’s place and I will be making a post for it too! That was the great experience ever! Sadly, I got time to post once only in the month, I got really busy and messed my life with everything! But I loved traveling alone to my aunt’s place. They have a really cute dog, his name is Star. Here is a cute pic of him:)

he is so adorable!

This is the worst month for my blog! I posted nothing in August! I didn’t get time to post and the month just went away! I’ve nothing to say for my blogging in the month of August. My personal life was amazing in August, my uncle’s friends and we went to a road trip for 2 days and we stayed in a villa with personal swimming pool! It was so fun there!

I posted only once in the month as I was having my half yearly exams. The whole month passed with exams and studies and I did nothing other than study in the month. After my exams were over, we had a great time shopping for my birthday:).

My favorite month! It was my birthday on October 08, It was such a fun month! I posted 4times in the month. I also got surprise gifts! On my birthday, my uncle’s friend came and we had a great time! On October 09, we went to a road trip for 2 days and we enjoyed a lot! We went two places in two days and two hotels! I guess it was best month for my blog and for me!

This was also one of the best month for me! I posted only twice but my personal life was extremely great! It was my uncle’s, aunt’s and twin sister’s birthday! My sisters turned 5years, they both are twins and so cute! My parents and sister also came to my aunt’s place and we together celebrated my sister’s birthday! I had to come back to my house too on 28th November and that was quiet sad for me to leave everyone:(

This was my first whole month in house after 5 months. I posted 25 times in the month! I did blogmas too! It was quiet fun and tough to post continuously 25 days. I got so many love from my readers and it motivated me to do it! So thank you everyone! This was even the last month of the year.

This was all for the wrap and this was an awesome year for my blog (except some of months in which I posted very less) You guys supported me so much! Your support and love was all I needed and will need in 2022 too! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting me! This really means a lot to me.

Happy New Year 2022 to all of you! I hope you all have a great year with happiness and love all way! Have an awesome day ahead and an awesome year too!

🎄Blogmas#25: The Joy Has Arrived | Merry Christmas!🎄

Hey there! Welcome to Bright light Shine Blogmas! How’re you? How’s day going on? If you don’t know, I’m doing Blogmas this year and it’s really fun till now. Check out all the posts here.

We did it! Yes we did! Today is the day we all were waiting for! It’s Christmas today! I’m super happy! Merry Christmas Everyone🎄 I pray to god to keep you all healthy and safe! I’m so happy today for this day! Also I mentioned in my previous posts for keeping my blogmas till 31st December but I need to make it to 25th only, am sorry but I’ll be posting regularly. So today is the last of my blogmas. I’ll miss making graphics everyday and talking with you guys:(

I tried to manage my blogmas as much as I could, but it just didn’t go as planned. Writing posts everyday was quiet tough too but it was my challenge and goal to post 25 days. I had to put shorts posts too. I made a schedule of posting at 4:30pm IST everyday but I couldn’t post according to the time and my posts were delayed always, so I apologize for that.

It’s 4:10pm when I’m writing this post and I just got free from my work. It’s a great day going on till now. I woke up early today and designed some graphics for my friends. I even posted a card in my hangouts group😉 I’m yet to get my gifts. I made a secret Christmas card for you all too!


I hope you like my surprise to you! Enjoy the holiday season! I’ve designed many new graphics like, featured images, sign offs, etc…

I’ll making my post for the gifts I received for Christmas:) Do wait for that! this is literally my favorite time of the year! There are a lot of festive spirits around! I’ll post many things in my next post before New Year for Christmas! I’ll share everything I did:)

I hope you all liked this post. I’ll be missing Blogmas2021.Merry Christmas to you once again! Have an awesome Christmas! I’ll be signing out now. Have a great day ahead and Merry Christmas🎄

🎄Blogmas#24: Waiting For The Joy🎄 | Christmas Eve! | Christmas Playlist!

Today is 24th December! I’m so excited! Today is Christmas Eve!!🎅 I’m so much excited for it! This is literally my favorite time of the year!

Also, I’ve created a Christmas playlist for this year on Spotify! Check it out, I’m embedding it down.

This is really fun to listen and I hope you all have fun listening!

I’m excited to celebrate it! I’ll getting gifts too! I’ll having a virtual meetup with my friends too! I’ll drinking some hot coco!

So I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas! I’ll be waking up really early tomorrow and writing the Christmas post! It’ll be really fun:)

-Also have you seen the new featured images design? It’ll be a new featured image for the Christmas day, but no spoilers:)

So people, this was all for this post! I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Stay warm and stay happy! I wanted to wish you Christmas Eve today:) I’ll be taking a leave now and preparing things for Christmas. Have a fantastic day ahead!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? Are you going to get a gift? Let’s chat in the comments!

my new sign off for Christmas Eve!:)

🎄Blogmas#23: Excitement For Christmas Pt.2! | 2 Days Left For Christmas!

Before reading this post you need to read this one, that is the previous post I wrote and if you read carefully, I mentioned that I was running short of time at that moment and I’ll make a pt.2 of that post and here am I with the pt.2! yay!

So I’ll be having a virtual meetup with my friends in the evening. Then my family along with me will visit the mall and see the splendid decorations! Then we might have something yum for dinner and I’ll be getting some gifts too! I’m super excited for that! I have planned something really interesting for my sis and mom! I’ll be gifting something from my budget, I’m super excited for their reactions! I’ll be doing a bit of graphic designing too! I’ll be making something for some of my friends who are lonely this Christmas and aren’t getting anything, I’ll be surprising them with some gifts. I’m super excited for the new year as well! It’s the best time of the year! It’s like so much festive spirits everywhere including the blogosphere! I’ll putting on Christmas Carols! Also, I forgot to tell you all since ages that I’m on spotify😂 You all can see my playlists and account:) You can follow me too:)

here is my playlist:)

I’ll be making a Christmas playlist on Spotify very soon! You all can have fun listening to the Christ-themed songs!

I’ll be doing secret santa with my friends too! I’d be wishing my blogger friends on the hangouts group! I’d be wishing everyone! I’m planning to get up early in the morning to enjoy the day! I hope to have Christmas full of joy!

Also guys- I never told you but I’ve read a tiny bit of KOTLC before and my friends have encouraged me to read the whole book and its part, and I’m again gonna read the whole book! I’m going to join the keeper fandom! Thanks to Krisha and Chloe for encouraging me! They both are wonderful bloggers! Follow them right now!

This was all for the post! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts for Christmas! I’ll be taking a leave right now and preparing tomorrow’s post:) Have an amazing day ahead! Merry Christmas everyone!🎅🎄

Did you enjoy reading my thoughts? What are you gonna do on Christmas? Are you excited for Christmas? Let’s chat in the comments

🎄Blogmas#22: Excitement For Christmas! | Just 3 Days Left!

It’s Christmas in 3 days! I’m super excited for Christmas and New Year! I’m still left on some shopping and everything but it’s almost done. Let’s hear out my plans in the post!

I’m not doing much this year, just like, decorating my room and everything cause I’m not getting time with it as I’m just not getting time to manage with everything, I’ve my finals exams approaching in February and then 5 projects for the first week of January and 1 for 24th which I haven’t even started:( It would be quiet tough time for me to switch with one or the another project but I need to do it, and so will I somehow. I’m so much stressed right now and sometimes it even leads to headache for me. I’ve 3 classes from my school, some extra one’s and so much more! I’ll somehow manage I guess…

I haven’t planned much for Christmas this year. I’ll be getting a Christmas tree, making some greetings for my friends and family. I’ve even made a CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST on YouTube and spotify, I may share in next post. I’ll be getting some Christmas gifts this year as I was at my aunt’s place from July to November and it was my birthday in October, my parent’s didn’t gift me anything so I told them to combine that and I’m super excited about it!

I know, I end this post here as I’m really busy at the moment. I’m sorry but I’ll come up with a part two in next post for sure. I hope you liked the post. I’ll take a leave now. Have a great day ahead!

Did you like the post? What are your plans for Christmas? Are you planning to have a meetup with friends? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#21: Collab With Krisha: Christmas Graphic Gift Hamper | ft.Krisha

I’m super excited to do today’s post because this post is a collaboration with my best friend Krisha! Those who don’t know her, Krisha is a lifestyle blogger and she blogs at Krisha’s Twilight! She is my in real life friend and we’re classmates too! She is really polite and super fun to talk with! It’s always fun to text her! Krisha is doing 5 days to Christmas, it which she’ll be posting till 5 days from 20th December which was yesterday and our collaboration is the second post of it for her. She is also an impressive graphic designer and from that our collaboration is related today! Don’t forget to give her blog Krisha’s Twilight a follow, because you won’t regret it.

In the collaboration, Krisha and I have made a Christmas Graphic Gift Hamper, in that hamper there will be 5 graphics which will be Christmas themed. Krisha and I decided to choose 5 graphics including one secret card. Our graphics can be anything like sign off, divider etc.. If we like those graphics, we can even use them with giving credits. Krisha sent me her graphics and I’ll post my reaction on each off them and I’ve done the same too! Let’s begin with the interesting post!

Header Image

Credits to Krisha

This is the header image Krisha made for me and isn’t it just superb!? This is actually superb. Just one feedback- The color of background is white, so the colors of the ornament above could be changed to something bright in color, which is clearly visible on white. The designing done here is amazing! Great job!


Credits To Krisha

This is such a cute divider made by Krisha! I really adore it! Wonderful job done here Krisha!👏

Sign Off

Credits to Krisha!

I personally just love it! Yess! Wow Krisha! It’s made beautifully! Amazing job! I really love it!🥳🎊

Christmas Card For My Readers

Credits to Krisha

I told Krisha to make 5 graphic including one secret card, she couldn’t figure out the other one, so I told her to think on, I didn’t know what she will do for this one and when she sent me her graphics, she mentioned Christmas Card For My Readers and I was so surprised with this idea! Look how creative she is! The color combination on light blue with dark blue font looks superb! Wonderful job thinking and designing Krisha!🎨

Here comes the last thing which a secret card by Krisha! I’m sooo excited!

Woah! Superb! Krisha this is like super amazing! I’m honestly saying that it is designed amazingly! The background is looking soo cutee with the blue color and white snow flakes! Thank you so much for the wonderful note! You are amazing friend too! I’m so grateful to have you as my friend! Thank you so much Krisha! It means a lot!😀

So this was all for our collab! I hope you liked the collab and the amazing graphics designed by Krisha! Again, for those who are not following Krisha, go and follow her now! You won’t regret it!

Thank you so much Krisha for doing this collaboration with me! I really appreciate that!

UPDATE- Krisha has posted the designs I designed for her and her reactions are there too! To see my part of the collab, click here.

Now it’s time to end this post. I’ll take a leave now and have a great day everyone!

Did you like the collaboration? Have you seen my designs for Krisha yet? Which was your favorite designs which Krisha designed for me? Let’s chat in the comments!

🎄Blogmas#20: Happy Birthday Rat!!:D!

Heyy peoplleee! Today’s blogmas post will be a reblog for Rat’s birthday!!!!!🍕🎂🎉🎉🍰🎈🎊 Yesss It’s Rayna’s birthday today!!! Wohoooo! Let’s all spam her blog!! Happy birthdayyyyyy Ray!!! You’re the best blogger I’ve ever met! You’re the best friend I’ve ever made!! Check out her blog here and spam!!!



Today is someone verrryyyy special’s birthday.






We put together a little playlist for you 🙂

Hope you like it 😀

Lili, Evin and Eesh made a little something for you




You’re one of the weirdest and most awesome people I know and I hope you have the best birthday and eat lots of worms!!


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