It’s Been Long… | I’m Back!!

Hi there people!!! Wassup? Welcome or Welcome Back to Bright Light Shine once again!! I’m writing this post after being disappeared for 3 months!! I missed blogging a lot! I was caught up in work, “work” here refers to like my school assignments/ exams and personal life… Finally my offline schools started!!! Yayy!! I met a lot of my friends and I’ve had many get together with my bff’s too! My life have been busy and happy! My summer vacations started from 12th May!! But still holiday homework is too much!! Ahh…., Remember I went to my aunt’s place alone by flight last year in July and stayed there for 6 months? I had my aunt, uncle, their daughters (who are 5 year old twins rn) and their dog Star, my aunt and my sis visited me on May 29th and they left on 6th June:( It was for a week and it felt so short! I’m missing them a lot!! It was my mom’s birthday on 5th June and we celebrated with them and it was soo fun! I’m really attached to my aunt since I was little… I’m very open to her and I hope she visits me very soon again!

Anyways., Wassup people? How’s everything? I wasn’t active on WordPress since 3 months but I was in touch with many of my friends on hangouts so I didn’t feel alone:) I’d love to catch up with you all! This is a short post but I’ll see ya all very soon… maybe in a week? or in 3-4 days? but really soon with a cool post:) and its very hot where I live… it sometime goes to 45-50 degree Celsius.. Also, I’m still in the process of updating my blog design. Its half done but idk how is it, feel free to drop your honest review in comments!

Cya all!! I’ll take a leave now.. Have a great day ahead!!

How’s everything? What are you doing these days? Anything new hobbies? How’s my blog looking so far? Lets chat in the comments!


8 thoughts on “It’s Been Long… | I’m Back!!

    1. Oh my gosh! I’m hearing from you after a long timeee….. How are you Maya? I hope everything is good at your end! I haven’t talked to you in soo long, not even hangouts.. Oh cool! Looking forward to see ur new design!

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