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Yoooo! Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to Bright Light Shine once again! I’m back after 2-3 months, Life was busy with exams and so much more stuff which led to me going inactive on my blog. I had my finals in Feb and am done with them now, finally… I’m still not sure if I’d be active on my blog from now or from next month, it all depends on my assignments, school, and all. My schools will be opening offline in 2 weeks from now too, so yeah its all messed up…

I’m back and back with a collab! Evin@A Curly Sue’s Ramblings , she is a great blogger and a great friend! don’t forget to check out her blog! So we planned this collab in the first week of Jan and then I went on a hiatus. We planned to share some study tips for exams so we can help y’all out there! Let’s begin with this super awesome collaboration!

1- A organized and a clean study space

Being organized is a great way to increase concentration on your studies. I always prefer to study in sunlight and sit in-front of the window.

2- Notes help a lot!

Notes doesn’t always mean those fancy ones. For me, notes is something what you understand from the concept in your own words. For every subject I made atleast 2-3 mind maps or think map to remember everything in points.

3- Plan a schedule

I’m not a student who always make a time table and stuff, but since exams came round the corner, I started following a schedule and follow my time table as well. It helped me a lot to be organized and it took a lot of stress down too.

4- Pretend the deadline

This was the key! If my exam was on 15th Feb, I took it as 14th Feb so I don’t stress at last moment and wind it up a day before and just do sample papers and revision on the last day. This was the major key!

5- Cut out the distractions

Just switch off all the electronics, be it your phone, laptop, tablet or anything… Notifications will distract you and you won’t know how the time passes and you will miss studying… So close your devices unless you are referring from an online study material.

6- Revision to remember

Revise your concepts before going to the bed and try to remember whatever you revised. It will help you remember better and score good!

7- Calm down and don’t take stress

You need to calm down and stop taking stress… Stress would make you more nervous and give you negative thoughts… I was chilled, calmed and relaxed before my exam cause its just a exam, yes its important but you need to take care of your health too! So yeah, cool down.

So, this was all for this post. I wish you all the best for your exams and result! Take it easy but yes study is important as well as health. Manage your time wisely and don’t panic.

Thank you so much Evin for collaborating with me, if you guys haven’t checked Evin’s blog till now, then do it now! She is a great blogger and a great friend too! Check out her part of the collaboration here

Cya all soon. Have a great day ahead! I’ll take a leave now…

Are your exams over? Which exam do you have near? How are your exams going on? Let’s chat in the comments!

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