My Aspirations For 2022

Hello there! Welcome back to Bright Light Shine! I’m back with another post! I hope you’re having a good day so far!

It has been few days 2022 began. It’s amazing year going for me so far…. I hope you are also having an awesome year! I’ve planned to make some goals for this year and this what about the post is. I look forward to follow them.


Workout is going to be my main goal for this year. I’m into gymnastics since a long time, and that’s really helpful for me. I’ll be doing workout every morning like I do everyday. Staying fit is really important. Every task is possible for us if we are fit and our health is perfect.

Read More Than 25 Books

I was a person who just loved reading before and got awarded by my school as “Avid Reader” too! I don’t know how I love the habit of reading. I’m again into reading now. I’m reading KOTLC (Keeper Of The Lost Cities) these days! It’s really an amazing book to read! I want to read more than 25 books in 2022, I will keep my eye on the goal!

Rest To Be As My First Priority

I want rest and sleep as my first priority. Since many days, I’ve not been getting enough sleep because of my school stress. I’ll plan a schedule for everyday and take a good rest and complete my tasks.

Enjoy Life More

I want to enjoy every part of my life. This is my every year’s goal I have. I spent 2021 just doing my assignments and I could not enjoy my year properly, I mean I enjoyed but not as much I had to. I hope to enjoy this year and be enthusiastic

Panic Less

Okay, so sometimes (well every time) I panic on situations. Most of my friends say that I panic every time. I want to reduce panicking in 2022, and live a life where I manage everything accordingly.

Collaborate With Bloggers More

I want to collaborate with more bloggers and get more social. I’m sure I won’t regret making more friends:) It’s always fun for me to collaborate. Contact me on my contact page to contact me for collaborating with me or just talking about anything.

Get More Social

I sometimes just don’t want to meet new people or interact with them, tho I love getting social! I’m not giving my 100% in getting social, so I want to give my 100% in getting social and interacting more. I always try my best to get social.

Make It Time Bound

Everything has a deadline so you can push yourself to achieve/complete it. Setting a practical timeline for your goals can help you to prioritize your tasks. I don’t want to make everything on the last minute. I want to complete my tasks before hand but at least not on the last minute.

Prioritize Mental Health

Whatever the task is, mental health comes first. I don’t want to stress out for the tasks and making it as a impact on my mental health. I want to get enough sleep and give some rest to my mental health. I’m sure that would make a change✨

Always Try My Best and Never Quit

I’ll never stop trying and end quitting up, I’ll always give my level best! Quitting is just not my job, but achieving is. I always follow up on this in my school life- Learning is important not grades. I want to learn new things and try my level best, result is the thing for later.

These were my aspirations for 2022, I really hope to achieve them. I hope you all have a 2022 as a great year! Thank you so much for reading! I’ll be taking a leave now… Have an amazing day ahead!

What are your goals for 2022? Could you relate to my goals? What do you think about my aspirations? Let’s chat in the comments!

Flashback-2021 | This Year Ends… | 2022 Begins!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Bright Light Shine! I hope you’re having a great day so far.

This is hard to believe that it’s the first day of 2022. The year just passed in the blink of an eye. I’m still confused if this is dream that the year is ending…

It wasn’t a great year for me but not even worst year for me. I’ll be wrapping the year up in my post today.

This isn’t a great month for my blog because I just posted twice. I just realized that I was quiet immature with my blog and writing skills till very long. I went on a hiatus as my final exams were next month. I personally was quiet stressed as well with my exams.

Ah! My exams were starting from the first week of Feb and it was really tough for me to study each subject and give exams every alternative day. I posted thrice in this month. My personal life was stress free tho in the last week of Feb.

I don’t think I was mature enough at that time with my blog writing skills. The great thing was that it was my sister’s birthday on March 08 and my best in real life blogger friend’s birthday too! I even posted for that, click here to read it. The month got great because of birthdays I think but my blog was still not improved.

I’m happy to say I posted 16times in April! Yay! It was one of my blogger friend’s birthday in April, click here to read the re-blog. I created a blog, which was my designing service and I posted wallpapers there every Sunday but I couldn’t manage my blogs to be honest, so I left my blog inactive. I started a series for three days “Expectations Vs Reality” . The worst thing that took place was that my mom, dad and sister suffered through corona virus and it got worst by then and we needed to suffer, they all are fine now tho. My blogging friends organized a blogging challenge “We Dare You To Blog”

I guess it was the best month for me. I participated in the WDYTB and cleared all the round of dares. I completed 50 followers too! I guess there’s nothing wrong that took place in May, so the best for me…

I posted 9 times in the month of June. I posted the grand surprise for 50 followers. I won the WDYTB and achieved the tittle of “Most Daring Blogger” which I was really proud of! I posted for Bloggers Day. I reached 100 followers in June! I took a hiatus too as I was traveling.

This was THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! I traveled alone by a flight to my aunt’s place and I will be making a post for it too! That was the great experience ever! Sadly, I got time to post once only in the month, I got really busy and messed my life with everything! But I loved traveling alone to my aunt’s place. They have a really cute dog, his name is Star. Here is a cute pic of him:)

he is so adorable!

This is the worst month for my blog! I posted nothing in August! I didn’t get time to post and the month just went away! I’ve nothing to say for my blogging in the month of August. My personal life was amazing in August, my uncle’s friends and we went to a road trip for 2 days and we stayed in a villa with personal swimming pool! It was so fun there!

I posted only once in the month as I was having my half yearly exams. The whole month passed with exams and studies and I did nothing other than study in the month. After my exams were over, we had a great time shopping for my birthday:).

My favorite month! It was my birthday on October 08, It was such a fun month! I posted 4times in the month. I also got surprise gifts! On my birthday, my uncle’s friend came and we had a great time! On October 09, we went to a road trip for 2 days and we enjoyed a lot! We went two places in two days and two hotels! I guess it was best month for my blog and for me!

This was also one of the best month for me! I posted only twice but my personal life was extremely great! It was my uncle’s, aunt’s and twin sister’s birthday! My sisters turned 5years, they both are twins and so cute! My parents and sister also came to my aunt’s place and we together celebrated my sister’s birthday! I had to come back to my house too on 28th November and that was quiet sad for me to leave everyone:(

This was my first whole month in house after 5 months. I posted 25 times in the month! I did blogmas too! It was quiet fun and tough to post continuously 25 days. I got so many love from my readers and it motivated me to do it! So thank you everyone! This was even the last month of the year.

This was all for the wrap and this was an awesome year for my blog (except some of months in which I posted very less) You guys supported me so much! Your support and love was all I needed and will need in 2022 too! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting me! This really means a lot to me.

Happy New Year 2022 to all of you! I hope you all have a great year with happiness and love all way! Have an awesome day ahead and an awesome year too!