🎄Blogmas#1: How To Get Rid Of Tiredness In Winters!❄

Hello there! Welcome to Bright Light Shine Blogmas!! Happy December to all of you!!! How’re you all doing? Today is my first Blogmas post! I’m very excited for it!

Hands up if you struggle to get up from your bed in Winters! (I know hands up option isn’t there so clap below if you struggle to get up from your bed in Winters)

The most toughest task in the world when it’s Winters is to get up from your bed (atleast it’s the toughest for me!)

If you’re currently struggling with Winters for the tiredness you’re having, I’ve put some tips for you to get out of it.

This tip will help you to get relaxed and active. Putting on music while doing work that makes you feel bore is really helpful! I put music while doing my projects, assignments and writing blog posts or doing anything on my blog.

Whenever you feel tired and being sleepy, walk out in daylight or open your curtains in day light, it would help to kill your tiredness.

Hehe! A tip for eating!! Peppermint candy or peppermint toffee is really helpful for you to get active! It’s easily available in the markets. A toffee would help too or a mint toffee is good for killing tiredness.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks really contribute a lot in keeping a person awake or alert! It’s actually the easiest thing to do when you have coffee packet to make😂 for being active.

Breathing fresh air and going out will really help you to be alert and stop feeling sleepy! Just take a walk in a park or anywhere out with fresh air and it would do a lot!

If you’re doing a task which is making you sleepy, just switch the task for sometime and do something fun and then leave it incomplete in between and go to the previous task so your brain is active enough to complete the task for completing the fun one. (Hope I didn’t mixed the lines😂😂) This one was from a personal experience.

So guys these were tips! This was my first post for blogmas and I hope you liked it. Also- My blog is open for collaborations and guest posts, so if you’re interested contact me from my contact page or if you would prefer to email me directly, here’s my email- eesh.s007@gmail.com Deadline- December 10th!

I hope my blogmas goes without any interruption and I don’t annoy you with my post for 30 more days😂

Also- now my blog is decorated for Christmas and Winters! I hope you like my designing and digital art for my blog! 🙂

I’ll take a leave now and I hope you liked the first post for Bright Light Shine Blogmas!


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