Onboarding the Blogmas Crew!

Hey there! Welcome Back to Bright Light Shine, a creative fun blog owned by me!

First of all- I’m sorry to all of you for the promise I made for the post on 22nd as my post was scheduled but my WordPress account had some problem and my post in drafts got vanished so it took all my scheduled post too and the post for 22nd was one of them! But I know my content and I will write again so don’t worry!

I have an announcement for you all!! I’m taking part in the big event Blogmas 2021 this year!! It’s gonna be very fun and I’m very excited for it! So basically if you don’t know what Blogmas is- It’s a Christmas themed event happening in blogosphere where bloggers have a choice to join in or not and they post regularly for 25 days starting from December 1st ( from December 1st till 25th December/ Christmas) or they post till 31st December the month end and a day before New Year!. It’s quiet tough too but I’m taking part first time and giving it a shot! I hope I don’t annoy my readers for 31 days😂😐 And I forgot to tell that I choose for 31 days.

I’m super excited for this event! But I’m bit stressed too but I’ll give it a shot!

So that was for the announcement post. I’m now signing out and making last minute preparation for the big day! And don’t forget to read my post tomorrow because December is starting tomorrow in-case you forgot😂!

Bye everyone! Have a great day and All the best to all the bloggers doing Blogmas this year!

I’m really sorry for this long break + Get ready for Awesome Posts

Hey there! Welcome to Bright Light Shine, This is gonna be quick as I need to go to complete my school work, So, I’m really really really sorry for the long break I took from blogging without informing you all. I’m just not getting time to get completed with my school work! It’s a lot with assignments , work, Tests, and Final Exams! Its a lot to do with. And therefore, I couldn’t get time for blogging but get ready for some awesome drafts to get published. I have planned awesome and inspiring posts for you all. One of them will be out on 22nd November! + I changed my whole blog to winter theme. Do check it out and to see the real beauty, I prefer to see with a laptop/computer. Till then, Take care and byee! I take a leave now.

P.S- Sorry for the short and quick post.