Inspirational Words + Definitions💪 ft.Maggie!

Hey there! Welcome to Bright Light Shine!! Hope you’re having a great day!

So its a very interesting post today!! Today Maggie from maggie’s doodles (a very nice, inspirational and a kind blogger! She is an amazing friend of mine and TRUST ME, I LOVE HER BLOG A LOT! HER DESIGNS, WRITING STYLE, POSTS!! ARE LIKEE, VERY AMAZING!, do follow her if you don’t wanna miss out!) So Maggie and I are doing a collaboration today!

We have chosen some inspirational words, and we will be writing there definitions, basically we are also designing that. I loved making the graphics and images! And yes! I forgot, All credits for the Idea goes to Maggie! She has great ideas!

Let’s start (I’ll be sharing my designs and Maggie will be sharing her designs on her blog.)

Sooo!! I made 5 designssss!!! I loved this collab!!! Great idea Maggie! Once again, I’m telling, do follow Maggie to see her awesome posts!✨

This was a very fun collab, We have done one collab on our blog previously also, check out Maggie’s post here and my post here

I hope you liked this collaboration with Maggie

UPDATE- Guys Maggie’s post is out! (click here to see her designs!)

Which was your favorite design/s? Did you like our collaboration? Let’s chat in the comments!

newww sign off!!!!

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