Inspirational Words + Definitions💪 ft.Maggie!

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So its a very interesting post today!! Today Maggie from maggie’s doodles (a very nice, inspirational and a kind blogger! She is an amazing friend of mine and TRUST ME, I LOVE HER BLOG A LOT! HER DESIGNS, WRITING STYLE, POSTS!! ARE LIKEE, VERY AMAZING!, do follow her if you don’t wanna miss out!) So Maggie and I are doing a collaboration today!

We have chosen some inspirational words, and we will be writing there definitions, basically we are also designing that. I loved making the graphics and images! And yes! I forgot, All credits for the Idea goes to Maggie! She has great ideas!

Let’s start (I’ll be sharing my designs and Maggie will be sharing her designs on her blog.)

Sooo!! I made 5 designssss!!! I loved this collab!!! Great idea Maggie! Once again, I’m telling, do follow Maggie to see her awesome posts!✨

This was a very fun collab, We have done one collab on our blog previously also, check out Maggie’s post here and my post here

I hope you liked this collaboration with Maggie

UPDATE- Guys Maggie’s post is out! (click here to see her designs!)

Which was your favorite design/s? Did you like our collaboration? Let’s chat in the comments!

newww sign off!!!!

you need to push your self! | inspirational post | Update

If we keep doing what we were doing, we’re going to keep getting what we are getting.

hi there! welcome to Bright Light Shine! I know its been long now since I have posted. Every time I post I miss out posting further! Its just because of time! but I try to be online as much I can on WordPress. So, I’m sorry guys.

Today is an inspirational post. I’m here to motivate you today! You know what? Sometimes life pushes you down with the situations that come in your life, but! you need to push yourself up up n up! Maybe you’re tensed about something, but don’t demotivate yourself and make you go down. That’s the big mistake many people make and make them unsuccessful.

When ever we’re in trouble, we think about others life, like what they are doing in life, their success stories, their happy moments and many happy and positive things they are doing when we’re in trouble. That’s the biggest mistake or the path we get onto. But why? Its because that makes us demotivated and make us do comparison with the second person.

I believe in a line a lot and that’s the line I always say to myself when I’m tensed or stressed about something, and the line is-


We all are leaders and we don’t have allow our past to write our future. You know what, Life will give you reasons to worry, so reply back to life “Sorry I have better things to do with my time” after saying this move on! (I don’t know if you’re bored as I’m serious with writing these things…)

To get things done the way you’ve never got it done before, you need to do something new you’ve never done before, just like if you want to achieve something you have never even thought about and never achieved before, you need to do something to achieve which you have never done before.

Never be scared of the next day, don’t be. Every night, sleep by a positive mind for next day, just say- I would have a positive and productive day in morning. Believe me this really helps. And I’m sure it will help you too!

Whenever you’re tensed and stressed about something, give it time and sort it out peacefully and avoid sorting it in a hurry.

If you think that you’re thinking too much about it and making yourself stress, so avoid it for sometime by like

  • Listen to music
  • Chill out and eat something
  • Watch a positive series with your sibling or friends
  • the best- sleep for sometime/take a power nap.

I guess I should end the post but I couldn’t get a perfect ending, I’m so sorry about that.

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So, this was my first attempt to inspirational post. I hope I didn’t bore you.

I hope you were inspired with this post and this post helped you if you’re in stress.

I’ve made a motivational mini poster😂

I hope you liked this post and it motivated you! I wish you all the best for anything you’re going through and I pray you will come out from it very soon!

Also update- I’m changing my pages and blog design currently, do let me know if you like them. I changed my home page today.

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7TH October, 11:30 PM

Oh my god! my aunt, uncle, my family and my sisters were so excited for just half and hour!!! , My sisters were actually saying, “please cut the cake, I’m sleepy!” we all were laughing, my family was video calling me! We all were very excited, but even before that around 9:30 PM my aunt was coming from her clinic, but she actually comes around 9PM, but she was late so we were actually thinking that maybe a patient have a work which might take a bit of time and we patiently waited for my aunt. Around 9:30 the bell rang, ting tong! And its my aunt, we opened the door and we say something in her hands!! A big bag with balloons, cake, chips, and birthday banners! We all got so excited and my sisters starting dancing!!💃🏻

We all had dinner, We started a series on TV with being a video call with my family, Then after 11:30PM (Oh no I shd had started 9:30 PM first, I’m making a mess, pls dont mind….) Ya so I was on, after 11:30 PM We all started to be excited and it was …..

Then it was 11:50PM and we started the countdown of 10 mins! (how odd was that😂)

AAAAAAAndddd……. Finally it was


Yesssssssss! My family starting shouting loudly, we cutted the cake! and happy b’day loudly!

And this was it, I’m still waiting for the gifts from my family😂😛

Now, its time to party with you guyss!!

So first let me start with the delicious food!

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Yess, yummm pizza for you alll!
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Some juice and cold drinks for you guyss!

Noww time for some yum yum pastries!

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Black forest pastriesss!!


I had a lot of fun!!!!!!

Now let me tell you something, you can take it as a gift I want from you all😂🤩

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If you want, you can reblog my this post to wish me a happy birthday or mention in one of your blog post!! AAnd remember this party will last a couple of days or more to enjoy the funn!!

Yayyyy! And remember I will share my birthday snapshots in my next postt!

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My Life Update✍🏻

Hey there! Welcome back to another post of Bright Light Shine! As you know I recently came back on the track of blogging, I’m starting regular blogging. It just came to my mind that I should post what is happening in my life currently and what all happened, and that’s why I’m posting LIFE UPDATE.

Also- Champs! I missed something veryyyy biggg!!!!! My one year blogiversaryy! It was on 16th September and my exams very going on, and that’s why! I forgot!!! I did a huge mistake everyone and I’m very very very sorry for that! *CRYING FROM INSIDE!*😪😪 But what can be done now!, I guess lets keep it aside now and start the post.

So, in blogging I was not really active as you all know. I’m not at my home right now as you all know I’m out of station at my aunt’s house. Here my sisters (aunt’s daughters, they both are twin of almost 5 years) kept me busy and the pet dog they have here, he is very cute! He is a Cocker Spaniel, his name is Star, he is Six months old, on October 2 he will be 7 months

Let me share some pics of him when he was 3 months old

Woah! these were a lot of pics of him being 3 months old!

Now I’m sharing 2-3 pics of him right now

star wearing my sisters old ear muffs😂
his today’s pic

Also on October 8 its my birthdayy!!! I’m turning 12!! 🎉😄😄🎊 I’m super excited for itt!!!

In school, it’s a lot of stress! When I came here my exams started then final exams went till 17 September, and then lots of assignments! Then, soon with Saturday and Sunday holiday only after exams, my second term of this school year started! and that’s why I was not even getting time for blogging and missed a grand even of my blogiversary! Like seriously! I missed it!! I’m very disappointed with it and apologizes to all my champs!

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddd! I have a lot to share here! Okay so first comes to my life and family- Yes! I do love my family here and my family at the place I originally lives, I love them all! And I’m enjoying a lot here and one thing I have learnt here is TIME MANAGEMENT, now we will ask how? how time management? Yes I will answer! Time management because I came here to my aunt’s house, ofcourse for enjoying but yes I have to do my classes and studies too, cause how can I leave them? So I learnt here how to enjoy+ study+live a organized life and many more. I came here on 4th July, Sunday, my flight landed early but it took us to reach home by I guess by 2:00 pm. I landed at 12:30 and then whole process + reaching home took 1 and a half hour. Now see, I reach home in afternoon and the next day (Monday) I need to wake again 8am and do my classes till 2 pm. At the first it was very difficult for me. But I cant miss my classes, I promised this to me when my this school year started. Then it all continued and I learnt time management and now I’m living a peaceful and clean life without any mess. I enjoy my life + Visit new places+ Meet everyone here+ Study for my exam/ Do my assignments+ Attend my classes sincerely And do the most I can! But the most important thing I do to myself is, I motivate my self to do everything, its just like my pill to be fine. (I hope this post is boring, cause I’m sharing the reality as I changed myself to a serious mood while writing this para, I’m sorry if you were bored.😪 But at the end, it’s the reality.)

Also my family from the I place I live sent me my pre birthday gift! They sent me my phone cover!! Which is customized Let me share a pic

Isn’t this superb?

I really loved this with my name! This dog is golden retriever but just looks like Star!

Here is a wonderful morning and evening view, which I really love! And I even clicked some aesthetic pics

My evening tea reflection on my paper! Looks so aesthetic!

I just love these snapshots!

I guess we have come to the end of this post. This post actually took me 2 weeks to complete, I know this was not any special post which actually took time that much, but actually I’m not getting time and I had to complete so finally I’ve completed this post. Also I’m very demotivated with my blog right now as I think I have lost my stats down! Like I have 137 followers at the moment. That’s actually a great achievement! but like I dont know how to express what I feel. I would just like to say, give as much support to my blog if you can.

I hope you liked today’s post ( I just hope, am not sure😪)

I just wanted to share the reality of my life today. I’m sorry if you found it boring. But just remember I always to share something positive and I love making someone’s day with positivity.

Remember- Stay Strong

You can do everything

You are the best

And we all are with you!

I hope these lines motivated you a bit.

I would take a leave now.

What did you like the most? Recently are you also able to judiciously manage your time? What’s happening in your life? Let’s chat in the comments!