The Poetry Delight Contest!

Hey guys!! My best classmate and blogger friend, Krisha is hosting a contest! Krisha is my best friend and my classmate, I highly recommend to enter for her contest!
See ya all in my post!!
Don’t forget to follow Krisha and participate in her contest!

Krisha's Twilight!⭐️

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back!!!

So today finally I am doing the contest! Some of you would know what I am talking about!

So I am initiating my first contest!!!! Yaay! I wanted to do this for a 100 followers and now I am on 130 so thankssssssssss!

Let’s get started-

As you know it is a Poem writing contest


There will be 2 prompts I will give the first one on Thursday and you will have to submit the poem by Sunday. Then I will post the second one on Monday and you will have to submit by Thursday

How will the scoring work-

I am sure that the poems will be super good and will be too hard for me to decide so you all will have to vote for the poem you love( i will create a poll of course!) ( I have given the…

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