One Direction Lyrics Collab!🎨 | Collab with Maggie!✨

Hey champs!! Welcome back to Bright Light Shine!!

Today, I’d be doing an awesome collab with Maggie @maggie’s doodles! Maggie is an awesome blogger! I personally love her posts! I’m sure you would too! Do give her a follow because you don’t wanna miss out!

So we both are doing ONE DIRECTION LYRICS COLLAB! In this, we have taken our top 4 favorite songs from 1D and have designed the lyrics!! ( I hope I explained well)

So I’d be showing Maggie’s designs here and my designs would be displayed on her post😉


🌸 1st 🌸

Wow! I really like the one! this shows Maggie has done a great job!👏

🌈 2nd 🌈

This is awesome! I really like the font! Awesome job Maggie!!✨

✨ 3rd ✨

Yess!! Woah! The colors are matching so nicely and this also shows the awesome designing by Maggie!

⭐ 4th ⭐

Wow! This is an awesome one! I love this one as well! Amazing job Maggie!👏

These were all! I really liked them all! Again I say, Do check out Maggie’s blog and give a follow! Her posts are superb! and designs as well!😉

You can check out my designs at her blog:) Here is Maggie’s post , Do check out her post to see my designs!

I hope you liked this collaboration with Maggie!

I’d see you in my next post!

Which was your fav design/s? How was the collaboration? Let’s chat in the comments!

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