I Smile When It Rains🌈⛈☂

Hey there!👋 How are you? Today I’d sharing some pictures I clicked yesterday, It rained so heavily yesterday! There were heavy storms too! And Lightning as well!⚡🌩

When I saw this all from my window, I went to the terrace as soon as I could! I love rains and lightening since I was small! It’s my fav season!

I clicked many pictures of the flowers, plants, weather and the sky on my terrace!

Get ready to see the pictures!!🌂🌈⛈🌧

Please Note- I’m not a professional photographer, I’ve a camera at home but I couldn’t bring at the terrace as it could get wet. So I have captured these with my phone.

Let’s start!

I loveee this one!!
Green plants on my terrace😉
Beautiful Flowers🌸🌷
My fav! Most fav!!🤗

So these were the pictures I clicked champs! I loved it! I hope you did too!

Which picture/s you loved? Did it rain where you live as well? What’s your fav season? Let’s chat in the comments!