New Year Party!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi!!!!!! All It is last day before 31st December Oh My god like last day of this year!!!

Let’s have a party! This was surprise I was talking about yesterday.


( Memories is my fav!)

Danceeeee alsoo!

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Which flavor of juice you will take ?

I will take Mango!

Now finally a big surprise

kaaajaplace: Birthday Big Cakes

Wow so big! Have a bite guys


Hope you enjoyed


~ Eesh

Q n A

Hi!!!!! Guys How are you?

Second last post before new year cause I have planned something for Tomorrow.

Lets come to today’s topic so………… It is a Q n A

I will ask questions and you all can drop your answers in comments section below. Sounds interesting?

Yeah so

  1. What’s your name + Which class you are in?
  2. Your hobbies?
  3. Which company Laptop you have? ( this questions bcoz my laptop have several issues so I can get an idea of my next laptop)
  4. How do you feel about Homework ?
  5. Do you have any pet? ( if dog which breed)
  6. How was your lockdown because of corona virus?
  7. How are you feeling right now?
  8. How are you going to celebrate NEW YEAR 2021
  9. If your b’day was in lockdown because of this pandemic how it went?
  10. Your favorite food?

So that’s it for today!! Hope you enjoyed

Don’t forget to write your answers in comment

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~ Eesh

Changed theme

Hi! Guys I am back again same day 😂😂

Anyways, I have changed my theme, to check follow the steps:-

Go on my blog home page. First theme is changed on home page home section

Then, on home page only an option is there of blog check there

Yeah so these are steps

comment down below how is it ( It took a lot of time to create and I promise I have created it.)



Sorry guys

Hi! all welcome back!!!!!!

I want to say you all a very big SORRY 😦 for not being posting posts Guys it is the same reason ( not lying) and the reason is EXAMS and Homework and HOLIDAY HOMEWORK

I will be regular from now anyways my vacations are going on

Tell me the next topic in comment section so I can make a post on your topic!.


~ Eesh

Welcome Back!

Hi! Guyss

After a long time I am here as I was having UT’s and many work but now I got time so ya

today’s topic is basically a quiz on

Which post you need next time comment below and the post which I can do I will do


~ Eesh